Let's Cut the Sh*t

Stop dissecting, diagnosing, and speculating about others' behavior and start focusing on your own. 

Because let's face it - you're not going to change anything you don't understand (including yourself)

When was the last time you questioned your motivations, why you're needing what you're needing, and what it is you're actually looking to achieve. 

You don't know yourself at all. 

Our 12-week program, accessible through the Quenza app, covers all aspects necessary for lasting change. 


Davina Hehn, MA, CAMS, NCPM, is the founder and driving force behind A Steady Space. With a passion for empowering individuals and couples, she brings a unique perspective to the realm of personal development, anger management, conflict resolution, and parenting support.

Davina's journey began with a realization while earning her Master of Arts in Forensic & Counseling Psychology: traditional therapy places more emphasis on diagnosing and treating, rather than educating about essential life skills, self-regulation, emotion identification and management, the root causes of anger, how to generate conflict tolerance, and more. Determined to bridge this gap, she focuses on psychoeducation and practical guidance to empower individuals with the tools they need for a fulfilling life. Foregoing traditional licensure, she has achieved Certification as an Anger Management Specialist and Mediator. 

Having witnessed the transformative power of her work, Davina's husband, Lyden Hehn, CAMI (Certified Anger Management Instructor) joined her in the mission to redefine how we approach anger, conflict, and personal growth. With his unique perspective as a sobriety coach, personal experience with the anger management program, and achieving over two years of continued sobriety, their collaboration adds depth and compassion to the services provided.

Their expertise extends to court-ordered anger management, conflict tolerance coaching, couples coaching, and parenting support. Their "no bullshit" approach and practical, common-sense strategies resonate with individuals and couples seeking a one-stop-shop for personal growth and conflict resolution.

Through A Steady Space, Davina and Lyden strive to create a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their emotions, build healthy relationships, and achieve overall life satisfaction. With a focus on recognizing the root causes of anger and conflict, their aim is to empower individuals to navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience.

How in the actual f*ck did we end up who we are and who says we have to stay that way?

Lyden and I have firsthand experience with the limitations of surface-level changes and temporary solutions. We understand the struggle of attempting to address repeated issues and challenges without the proper guidance and tools. Our individual and collective experiences led up to a transformative realization: true growth comes from delving into the root problems and embracing constant awareness of various aspects of our lives. These are the 12 realms we bring to you now.

In our relationship, we confronted our individual battles and dug deep into our vulnerabilities, peeling back both the cute and not-so-cute layers to learn who we are at our core. Our unwavering commitment to understanding ourselves and each other fostered a genuine curiosity that defied judgment and allowed for profound, lasting results.

Refusing to let others dictate our narrative, we took ownership of our story. We recognized the areas we now offer as the foundation of our program are not merely superficial concepts found elsewhere. These areas represent the lifeblood and building blocks of lasting change, supported by education, research, expertise and our own transformative experiences. We firmly believe in providing value and refuse to engage in empty promises. Our program serves as a catalyst for self-discovery, empowering individuals to embrace their quirks, mistakes, regrets, uniqueness and personal history. Here is where it all starts.

Whether or not you move forward with other types of care, like therapy and coaching, our program serves as a starting point for continuous, conscious, and intentional self-learning. We encourage you to uncover the depths of what makes you who you are and to accept yourself without reservation. With relentless conviction that enough is enough, we invite you to join us. It’s time to finally let go of what’s holding you up and get f*cking going.

  • Timeline: Immediate access to weekly content on Day 1; new content each week
  • ​Access to Quenza: 24/7
  • Supportive Onboarding: To ensure you get the most out of the program, we will schedule a 30-minute onboarding session to set clear goals, address any questions, and tailor the program to your unique needs
  • Privacy: You decide whether you share the content of your activities, assessments and exercises
  • 2 providers for less than the cost of 1
  • ​Comprehensive Content: Each week, you will receive thought-provoking and engaging content related to the specific topic, carefully curated to foster personal growth and self-discovery. This includes assessments, activities, and reflection exercises
  • Community: If you want it - no requirement to engage
  • Personalized Chat Support: Depending on the tier of your choosing, Davina and Lyden will be available via Quenza's Chat feature to provide guidance, answer questions, and offer encouragement throughout your program
No niche focus here—our comprehensive approach combines resources, activities, and tools essential to personal development, self-regulation, and behavioral transformation.
Say goodbye to quick fixes and instant gratification. Our commitment is to guide you through a process that addresses destination addictions and empowers you to embrace sustainable change. Discover the power of self-awareness, emotional regulation, effective communication, stress management, boundaries, and more.
Don't settle for temporary solutions. Join our 12-week program today and unlock your potential for lasting transformation.
One time payment
  • 30-Minute Launch Call 
  • 12 Week Program
  • Lifetime Access to Your Content
  • 30-Minute Recap Call
One time payment
  • 60-Minute Launch Call
  • 12 Week Program
  • Lifetime Access to Your Content
  • 60-Minute Recap Call
  • Chat Support Monday - Friday
  • 1, 45-Minute Video Session/Month (3 total)
  • 1, 15-Minute "Oh Shit" Call
  • 4 Additional Weeks of Content via Quenza
  • 10% off future Quenza Programs
One time payment
  • 30-Minute Launch Call
  • 12 Week Program
  • Lifetime Access to Your Content
  • 30-Minute Recap Call
  • Chat Support Every Monday & Thursday
  • 1, 30-Minute Video Session/Month (3 total)
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